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The capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia has a ton to offer for outdoors lovers. The city is bifurcated by the James River, which leads directly down into the Atlantic Ocean. There are also parks around the river as well as multiple islands on which you can hang out, have a drink, and take in a concert. With plenty of livable areas and terrific suburbs and school districts, this is an ideal area in which to live and raise a family. We have some options for an outdoor party in RVA.


Bryan Park

This 262 acre park is the largest in the city. The park is surrounded on 3 sides by highways but the trees and wildlife drowns out the noise. There are a few ponds and three shelters to rent for a party. Use this phone number to rent a shelter: 804-646-5733.


Address: 4308 Hermitage Rd, Richmond, VA 23227


Libby Hill Park

Located on the site of its namesake, Libby Hill, this park dates back to the mid 19th century. The park is in the growing Church Hill neighborhood and has good access to downtown, the river, and sweeping skyline views. No rentals are available online so feel free to have a free picnic here. 


Address: 2801 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23223

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Chimboarazo Park

Situated near Libby Hill Park, this park does have rental options available. Call either of these numbers for rentals: (804) 646-0036 or (804) 646-0761. No alcohol is allowed. It has a great view of the river and the southside of Richmond. It is a 30 acre park and has a replica Statue of Liberty. The site was formerly home to one of the world’s largest military hospitals during the Civil War.

Address: 3215 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23223

Forest Hill Park

This historic, 100+ acre park is known for its famous house called Boscobel. It abuts the southern side of the James. Use this number for rentals in the park: (804) 646-5733. There is a farmers market on Saturday’s as well.


Address: 4021 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225

Byrd Park


This 200+ acre park is just north of the river and has terrific access to highways around downtown. There are dog parks and playgrounds for the kids and no alcohol is allowed. Here is the number to rent a part of the park for a party: (804) 646-0761.

Address: 600 S Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23220

Riverside Parks

Browns Island

A local spot for Friday Night Cheers, a free, outdoor concert with food trucks and drinks for purchase. This little island is connected to downtown and has tremendous views. It’s a great spot for a quick picnic and even has spots to jump into the murky river.


Belle Isle

Another lovely little island on the river. This one is on the southside and attracts a more grungy/high school kid crowd. There are plenty of places to swim and jump in the river as well as a covered pavilion for free usage. Lastly, there is a little pond with benches for picnics.


Address: 2410 Ownby Ln, Richmond, VA 23220

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