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The capital city of Virginia has seen an explosion of breweries in the past decade. It all began in the previously vacant Scott’s Addition area, a former warehouse where now lie a bunch of breweries and bars. The area has expanded down the river south of the city as well as a growing collection of breweries in the West End and along I-64.



One of the original breweries in Scott’s Addition, The Veil has a spacious indoor area as well as an outdoor area that is covered and heated in the winter. They have a food truck out back that makes pizzas. It is located in the heart of Scott’s where you can easily walk down the street to Starr Hill, Vasen, or The Veil.


Address: 3200 W Leigh St, Richmond, VA 23230


The Veil

One of the cooler breweries in Scott’s Addition because it is essentially located in a parking lot. Their outdoor area is cool with multiple benches and tables between a few shipping crates. Finally, they have a larger brewpub style location south of the river in Forest Hill if you are searching for a more laid back environment.


Address: 1509B Belleville St, Richmond, VA 23230

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Triple Crossing

Like many other Richmond breweries (Strangeways, The Veil, Hardywood) Triple Crossing has multiple locations. The main one is called Fulton and is situated in Rocketts Landing. It has a bunch of cornhole boards and a nice view of the river and downtown skyline. The downtown one is right downtown near the famous Jefferson Hotel but does not get a ton of foot traffic due to the nature of the city of Richmond.


Address: 5203 Hatcher St, Richmond, VA 23231


If you are a fan of sour beers, this is your spot. Across the street from Ardent, Vasen has a huge interior but a lovely exterior patio area. There is a huge projector screen indoors that plays obscure music videos. It is next door to a Stella’s market where you can pick up delicious food and pop right back into the brewery. They also have a food truck outside.


Address: 3331 W Moore St, Richmond, VA 23230


A favorite of locals for its hole in the wall nature, this brewery is the most like a bar of the ones on this list. They have TVs inside and a cool, elevated shipping crate setup outside where a few small groups can hang out.


Address: 1715 Summit Ave, Richmond, VA 23230


Located in a 12,000 square foot warehouse, this brewery is not in Scott’s Addition but is extremely popular. There are a ton of apartment buildings popping up around the main Hardywood location so this area might be the next big area in Richmond. They have live music weekly and a wide array of beers in The VIPA, Virginia IPA. Lastly, there is another location west of the city called Hardywood Park. It is a huge location of I-64 and more made for families and kids with outdoor play areas.


Address: 2410 Ownby Ln, Richmond, VA 23220

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