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Renting great lawn games with Triangle Lawn Games is easy – because we meant for it to be. This business started because we felt like it was difficult and expensive to rent games for events, and it doesn’t really need to be.

We try to keep our prices a reasonable as we can, and we offer fair and transparent pricing on delivery too. Rent great games like Cornhole, Giant Connect 4, and more!

Feel free to call us at (757) 697-4263 for questions or last minute orders. You may also request a custom invoice. We are also happy to chat with you personally about orders or questions if you want to schedule a consultation! Keep Scrolling down to see all games and pricing.

Rent Games

Online Booking in 3 Easy Steps


Select your preferred rental window.

Base Prices For Up to 24 Hours – Additional Days 50% off. Please note there may be an additional fee for pickup or delivery after 9pm.

Pickup or Delivery

Plug in your address to see which zone you are in.

Select delivery zone or pickup.

Client PickupRichmond West Map

Come pick up from us, no fee! Our Richmond Address is 419 Coalbrook Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114. No need to add any delivery options, just select your games below and check out.

Delivery Zone 1

Delivery +  Setup + Pickup for your order up to 10 miles from 419 Coalbrook Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114

Delivery Zone 2

Delivery + Setup + Pickup for your order 11-20 miles from 419 Coalbrook Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114

Delivery Zone 3

Delivery + Setup + Pickup for your order 21-30 miles from 419 Coalbrook Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114

Delivery Zone 4

Delivery + Setup + Pickup for your order 31-40 miles from 419 Coalbrook Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114

Delivery Zone 5

Delivery + Setup + Pickup for your order 41-50 miles from 419 Coalbrook Dr, Midlothian, VA 23114


Select your games.

We offer both bundles (no substitutions) and individual games. Add delivery or a la carte games to any bundle as well.

Game Bundles

Classic Bundle StandardClassic Bundle

Save by bundling a standard connect 4, Jenga and cornhole! Add a delivery option above if you want to have us bring. Feel free to add other games and packages to your order, but no substitution on bundles.

Stained BundleClassic Bundle – Stained

Save by bundling a wood connect 4, Jenga and cornhole! Add a delivery option above if you want to have us bring. Feel free to add other games and packages to your order, but no substitution on bundles.

Party PackParty Pack Bundle

Get 7 different games and save by bundling! Client pickup/return at our location in Richmond. Add delivery product for your zone if you need delivery. 

Large Event BundleLarge Event Bundle

Throwing a large outdoor event and want games in bulk? This event bundle might be perfect and includes multiples of our most popular games.

Individual Games

Cornhole Set RentalCornhole Boards

Grab yourself some regulation sized cornhole boards and bags (4’x2′ each) Needs a space about 6 ft wide and 35 ft long per set. Colors may vary. Download free printable brackets here.

Giant Plastic Connect 4 RentalGiant Plastic Connect 4

Giant plastic version of the classic game. Can break down to fit into any vehicle but when built is about 4′ tall.

Giant Jenga StainedGiant Stained Jenga

Giant Jenga Game – 54 pieces, starts at around 2.5 feet tall and ends up over 5 feet tall. Excellent for indoor and outdoor events, children or adults. Comes with a stand. Jenga needs a space about 6ft x 6ft

Giant Wood Connect 4Wood Connect Four

Perfect for weddings and corporate events where you are looking for a little more style, this attractive wood connect four is great for the more elevated events. 



Book professional, background-checked party artists in your city! Learn more about how TLG can help you add fun to your next event.

Putterball RentalPutterball

Putterball is an awesome fusion of putting green and beer pong that will surely make your event more fun. Get putting with this great new game, perfect for corporate events, parties, weddings or the beach.

Ladderball RentalLadder Golf

Ladder Golf is played by throwing “bollos” (basically golf balls on strings) at ladders, trying to wrap the bollo around the three levels (1 point for the bottom, 2 for the middle, 3 for the top). Like cornhole scoring cancels out.

KanJam RentalKanJam

KanJam is a sweet game where you throw a frisbee at a trashcan. Needs plenty of outdoor space to be played properly.


Spikeball is a fun beach and lawn game that is challenging and fast paced. Like a mix of volleyball and handball, it is popular with young and old. Give it a try!


Super fun “beer pong” style game where the goal is to toss balls into the buckets. This game is not the large trashcan pong, but each bucket is rather about 2ft tall.

Toss AcrossToss Across

Fun game enjoyed by kids and adults alike, this is played by tossing small bags at the board to try and get tic tac toe. 

Yard DiceYard Dice

Large versions of the classic game “yahtzee”. Comes with dice and scoreboard. 

Checkers Tic Tac ToeCheckers/Tic Tac Toe

This is a large version of the classic table top game. Comes with a 4’x4′ mat along with the pieces. Can be swapped to play both tic tac toe or checkers. 

Tug of WarTug of War

Tug of War is a the classic field day game, is just what it sounds like. 20′ long.



The basics to renting with us:

  1. We would be happy to bring your games to you, and come pick them up. That service starts is an added fee depending on distance. Take a look at our delivery zones on our order page and begin your booking.
  2. We are locally operated in many cities across the country.
  3. We have a great selection of games. From Giant Connect Four, to Spikeball, to party classics like Ladder Golf and Bocce Ball, we make it easy to give your next event an enjoyable element of fun. Try a game you have never played, and just let the day go where it may.
  4. You can contact us easily. Our phone number is (757) 697-4263. Give us a call at if you have questions on ordering, availability, or pricing.

Whether you are looking to improve a tailgate party, a corporate event or wedding, or just want to entertain your weird cousins who invited themselves for the weekend, we make it easy and cheap to get your hands on lawn games in the Triangle and beyond.