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Are you planning an event and trying to find an affordable and easy option for a PA system? We can help. TLG Virginia has a great option in the JBL Party Box 710 PA system rental, available out of our Suffolk/Hampton Roads Office. This system is perfect for small to medium size events, and great for both indoors and outdoors. 

The JBL Partybox 710 is a great system that offers tons of sound (800 watts) along with bluetooth connectivity. We also provide a corded microphone with the setup so you can easily make announcements with the system.

This PA system rental is affordable, easy, and packs huge sound for the price. Its not the type of system you would use if Harry Styles was performing at your event…but it’s great if you want to play music and have a microphone that is loud enough to carry a good long way. 

Find out more about renting by visiting out Hampton Roads booking page below. 

JBL Partybox

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